Most Popular Stories of 2019

Posted on January 5, 2020 by


To know where we’re going first we must know where we have been. So here is our list of the ten most popular stories that appeared in Legal Administrator in 2019 -- a mix of practical and professional advice that should help you prepare for another year that promises to bring even more momentous market change.


  1.  Why and How You Need to Run Three-Way Reconciliations
  2. Nine Mistakes to Avoid During Your Dream Job Interview
  3. How Not to Get Unmotivated
  4. Thomson Reuters Acquires HighQ
  5. Why Law Firms Fail
  6.  Are You Prepared for the New Laws Taking Effect January 1, 2020?
  7. Law Department Analytics Survey from HBR Consulting
  8. GCs Lament Misguided Law Firm Efforts at Innovation
  9.  Post-Mortem on ILTACON 2019
  10.  A New Staffing Model for Law Firms

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