Apathy at Work? In Two Minutes, Get Your Team to Care Again (Tip#1)

Posted on May 24, 2021 by Yvonne Nath

Admit it. After over a year of being kept in a holding pattern due to the pandemic – with restrictions on travel, a limited menu of activity options, unknowns about health, job insecurity, and difficulty knowing where to focus our energy at any given time (and this list goes on) – some are finding it challenging to feel engaged with their work today. To exacerbate the distractions, the world is about to come back to life with a burst of long-awaited activity. Vaccinations are rolling out, people are going out, and we can see faces again. Flights are full, Summer is near, and now all you want to do is have some fun!

Usually, I genuinely enjoy staying on top of legal industry news, but now even I am feeling a tinge of burnout. I have lost interest in reading the usual articles pushing contract management, legal innovation, and so on. Add to the mix all the online industry events, and content is crazy-abundant and often redundant across so many channels, yet audience time and attention are scarce.

We are all selling something. (I am selling a better law firm operating model and work culture.  What about you?) I believe many of us should reevaluate how we attempt to reach our audiences if we want them to listen. Having your content stand out from a sea of information has never been more important. As an employer, your law firm must create content that effectively reaches and re-engages your employees.

Tip #1: Create Content with Clear Benefits

Create content with clear value propositions (i.e., why reading this is worth your time) spelled out in the title. Your content should include tangible takeaways for readers.

Suggested format: here’s the issue, here’s how long it will take us to address it, and here’s what you will take away.

Example: “Apathy at Work? In Two Minutes, Get Your Team to Care Again (Tip #1)”

The apathy many are feeling today is to be expected after what we’ve all just gone through. Now, it’s time to come back. I want to help those who need a lift to care again and to re-engage. Stay tuned for more tips.


Yvonne Nath is a law firm strategy and culture consultant with LawVision and CEO of ALSP Advisor. She just wrote THE Book on Law Firm Culture.

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