The Business of Law

Posted on March 1, 2021 by Yvonne Nath

When you start to look more closely at the business of legal services, you soon realize that the legal function often handles work that is not legal. The logical question to ask is: who is best positioned to tackle this work? The Big Four will approach issues from a business perspective and can advise law departments whether they should send their work to law firms or otherwise. Law firms are beginning to offer these high-value business advisory services, as well. I would encourage you, if you are a law firm, to give some thought to this. You can let the Big Four advise your clients how to right-size work, or you can strengthen your relationships with your clients by proactively approaching them with ideas for how they can right-size their work (but you cannot do this unless you understand the ecosystem of ALSPs and other service providers that are available to assist you and your clients).

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